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We welcome any LGBTI organization that produces Pride events for their greater community as one of its purposes or activities to join InterPride. Pride events can include a parade, march, rally, festival, arts festival, cultural activity, event or activity organized for people identifying as Lesbian, Gay Men, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and/or other emerging sexual identities.

Serving Pride Organizations for more than 30 years, InterPride is an organization that is made up of Prides for Prides. That perspective allows us to continue to evolve along with the growing needs of our members. InterPride members are from large cities and small towns around the world and all benefit from sharing the wealth of knowledge built by InterPride’s network of member organizations. Our approach to supporting each Pride organization allows us the flexibility to meet the needs of each and every member regardless of environment or location.

If you are NEW to InterPride and want to join, click on the ‘Become a Member’ link under New Users. If you are already a member, just login with your user name and password

Please feel free to download our Members Benefits Brochure. Share with Pride organizations in your region or ‘neighbourhood’.
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Members Benefits – For Print – High Resolution

If you have any questions please email the Vice President of Member Services here.

Membership Levels

InterPride has four levels of membership: Full Member, Associate Member, Affiliate Member and Provisional Member.

Full Membership
Any Pride Organization that has produced a Pride Event within a 15-month period prior to an Annual World Conference. Only Full Member organizations may vote.

Associate Membership*
Any Pride Organization that has produced a Pride Event within a 15-month period prior to an Annual World Conference but does not meet the requirement of being a not-for-profit organization.

Affiliate Membership
Pride Networks and Partners.

Provisional Membership
Any Pride Organization that has not produced a Pride Event within a 15-month period prior to an Annual World Conference.

Cost of Membership
Membership dues for Not-for-Profit Organizations are based on your organization’s gross annual income of your organizations previous fiscal year.

Membership dues for Associate Members are based on the organization’s gross income of your of your organizaton’s previous fiscal year and are double the above level.s

Term of Membership

Membership is for one calendar year, concluding on December 31 of any given calendar year.

Membership Benefits

InterPride holds an annual conference each October. This conference provides the opportunity to network with other Pride organizers and to attend various workshops and seminars to improve your events and strengthen your organization.

There are also Regional Conferences throughout the year. Although not all regions hold a conference, the number is increasing each year.

Those representing InterPride member organizations receive reduced registration rates to the regional and international conferences.

Scholarships may be available to qualifying representatives of member organizations to both regional and international conferences.

Global Pride Calendar and Web Link
InterPride will publicize all Pride events on the Global Pride Calendar, regardless of the membership status of the producing organization. However, only member organizations will have a link from the Global Calendar to their website. Member organizations that provide a banner ad will have it placed in rotation on the public website

Insurance Discount (US Only)
InterPride has a block policy with Casswood Insurance, which saves on insurance expenses for member organizations.INSURANCE (U.S. only)

Hotel & Travel
Club Mondial offers partnerships with InterPride members to handle travel and accommodations for those attending your individual Prides.

Printing (U.S. & Canada) offers InterPride members a 10% discount on Printing – Full Color Flyers, Brochures, BusinessCards, Postcards, and more. (Not good on items already discounted.)

Vinyl Banners (U.S. & Canada)
Logo Dogz is offering super LOW prices on Vinyl Banners ($1.25 per square foot) for InterPride member organizations.

Networking & Support
InterPride encourages member organizations to “Twin” with each other for mentoring and mutual support. Twinning can consist of simple cooperative promotion or as far reaching as sharing entertainment and sponsorship contacts

Other networking opportunities arise as the demands arise. InterPride Board Members will assist with contacts between organizations to solve specific problems.

Including Entertainment, Exhibitor and Supplier Resource databases. InterPride can make specific resources available to member organizations which includes a variety of materials, from samples of by-laws, march/parade applications/ registrations and other useful documents such as a resource pack to interested member organizations developing or reviewing their sponsorship strategy. The packet consists of a variety of examples of the materials sent to potential sponsors by other Pride Organizations with successful sponsorship programs. Support and advice is also available.

The complete list of InterPride member organizations is made available to exhibitors and can be a way for member organizations to attract additional revenue. InterPride is developing a database of exhibitors, available by country and region, including ratings by other member organizations

InterPride Members have access to a database of entertainers and speakers and a Vendor database to assist member organizations in finding suppliers for Rainbow Flags, t-shirts and all things necessary to produce a Pride Event. Information available by country and region.

InterPride’s relationship with its member organizations is one of advice, guidance and assistance when requested. We do not have any control over, or take responsibility for the way our member organizations conduct their events.

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